Month: August 2019

Rameen Studios

What is liberation in its truest form?

To me liberation is cutting yourself away from all that weighs you down, be it a society that takes away your freedom to breathe, right to educate yourself or the right to opine and vote. Basically, the basics. Liberation starts with the thinking and mindsets. What liberates the thought process? Education. We can all agree […]

Rameen Studios

Pakistan’s Very Own Masked Band Makes its Debut!

ASAP is the Pakistan’s very own masked nu-metal band. It basically started out as a music initiative voicing the social issues, the very reason I couldn’t resist the urge to become a part of their act. I met the band during a Bilal Khan jam at Albert Studios. We got to talking and that’s when […]

Rameen Studios


Switching between photography and videography settings on your camera for seven days constantly neither sounds easy nor feels very comforting. Especially, when you’re surrounded by artists and breathtaking scenic views. You remain constantly divided between wanting to jam and cover the jam. Artists such as Umair Jaswal, Saakin, Cosmic Fluid and Wild Mangoes added life […]