Short Films

Storytelling isn’t all about verbose. It’s the perfect structure, right camera angles to create stunning visuals within the right duration that helps create a powerful impact. That’s my intent. To create powerful short films that leaves my audience stunned and amazed. Short films comes with its constraint of time one has to be particular to comprehensively communicate their idea in the short period of time. If the message is Vigorous you can’t set a limit to the duration in which you will be able to convey it to masses. But on the other hand, in this world of social media, video on demand and digital transformation, life of people has changed. They can’t sit in front of the screen for longer period of time because everyone is living their life at a fast track. As global attention span is narrowing day by day. World is obsessed with shorter videos nowadays. Mostly social media applications put a constraint on duration of video time. For this generation the fastest and most effective way of communicating your idea is through social media. Short films are perfect in this scenario and is satisfying all needs of viewers. A perfect short film while sipping a cup of coffee in a short tea break is the need of today’s world.

At Rameen Studios we thrive to communicate strong messages in short films to keep our audience engaged and entertained without them losing their interest. It gives us independence to work on various ideas in different directions. Since the world is full of inspiration, we make sure to not lose any chance to explore it through our camera and mix it with our imaginations. But it’s still a challenge to convey our concept in limited period of time. Don't forget to visit our YouTube channel.

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